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College (mine and kids)

December 18th, 2013 at 09:45 pm

Me: Saw in our local paper yesterday that I graduated from Central Community College on December 5th. I was definitely not not aware of this! I called and I graduated with my diploma, but not with my actual degree. I guess that's something!

The kids: I looked at GradSave accounts today and my mom and step-dad contributed $100 to each child today!

Total contributed to daughter through GradSave: $115
Total contributed to son through GradSave: $165
Smile Smile

2 Responses to “College (mine and kids)”

  1. snafu Says:

    Oh the difference between diploma and degree. I'm confused, how many saving streams for two children? Are GradSave and 529 linked? Can piggy bank holdings be contributed when they fill or is there a specific base amount needed?

  2. Nebraska girl Says:

    Snafu - I love it when you reply to my posts! You always have good insight and questions! Smile GradSave is linked to the kids' 529 plans. GradSave just makes it easier for family members and friends to deposit into their savings accounts! GradSave will transfer money into the 529 plans twice a month, so about every two weeks. I believe that there has to be a $25 minimum in GradSave in order for it to be transferred to the 529.

    If you transfer straight from your account, I believe the minimum to deposit is $15. Otherwise you can do a GradSave gift card for less. I haven't really decided what to do with the money in the piggy banks. Since we are doing the spend/save/give system, I'm not sure how to handle the money that they receive before they started that system. Daughter had $35.00 in savings account before we started doing spend/save/give with her. And my son is 5 months old and he already has $65.00 from gifts and I would put my spare change in his piggy bank.

    I think that any money saved for them before they turn 3, which is when we plan to start with our son, half will go toward paying for first car and half will go toward college?

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