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The bank accounts & debt

November 21st, 2013 at 10:20 pm

Tonight I looked at our bank accounts and this is what I found:

Fiances checking: $2, 500
My checking: $200 (I run it pretty low as I always know where I'm at and transfer extra into savings)
My savings: $2, 074 (will pull from this to fully fund retirement by end of year but after Christmas it will be $2, 100)
Fiances 401k: $15, 000
Fiances Roth: $2, 200 (he will fully fund it for 2013)
My Roth: $4, 500 ($5, 500 by end of year)
Utilites account: $800 ($1, 000 by end of year. We deposit average amount of all our utility bills and bring it back to $1, 000 in December)
Investment accounts: $15, 000 (all but about $3, 00 is our EF)
Kids' college: $1, 600

House: $82, 500 (assessor says it's worth about 90k)
Attorney: $5, 300
My car: $333.00

Also, GradSave has received $80 from family already! :-)

Update on college and son

November 19th, 2013 at 10:41 pm

I would like to thank everyone for their input on my last post!

Gave son two tablets and after a little swaying, he is asleep and I got some homework done!!!! I have 24 days to turn in my homework and like 52 assignments left to do/turn in.. Ouch!

In regards to my college and graduating next semester, my advisor emailed me today and said "I'm sure we can find a way to work this out". She said that she'll talk to her supervisor and to give her a few days! I will follow up with her in a week or so if I don't hear anything before then.

Little bit of everything...

November 18th, 2013 at 11:09 pm

Our son has been awfully grumpy in the evenings lately. He normally goes to sleep pretty easy at night, but the last two nights have been a different story.. It's making it very difficult to get any homework done (I have a lot to do before the semester is over, which is December 13th). Guess I will be getting up at 5:00 a.m.

My college advisor told me that after this semester I have three classes to take and that one of those classes is offered every semester and the other two will only be offered Spring of 2014. I went to sign up for those classes when it came time to register and they are not being offered next semester. I am mad!! That would put graduation off a year (those classes are only offered Spring semester when they are offered). I'm trying to be nice because it is not my intention to get my advisor in trouble, but I do expect them to do whatever they can to help me graduate next Spring. UGH!!!!!

Anyway, the weekend was pretty productive. Fiance and I both got some laundry done (even some folding and putting away!), he cleaned the kitchen, and made supper Saturday, I made lunch Saturday and supper Sunday, got some shopping done, went to Church, went to his Grandma's place to have lunch with her on Sunday, watched our Huskers lose, and watched some football on Sunday also.. AND I got a little homework done.

While shopping this weekend, we had daughter look at some toys and show us things she would want for Christmas. While looking, she found a cheap book ($3.00) that she really wanted. Fiance asked me if we should just get it for her for that night. I told him no, and that we really need to quit just buying her things and have her purchase extra items that she wants with the money that she earns and gets to put in her "Spend" jar. We did that and she was pretty excited that she got to take her own money and purchase something. I think she felt like a big girl. When she got home and put the change back in her money jar I think she realized that there wasn't much there now, but she sure is proud of that book! We'll see what happens when she wants to purchase a more expensive item and has to take some time to earn and save up money.

Fiance is working overtime Monday - Thursday I guess to come up with his portion of the Christmas budget. Yuck! I guess if he can do that then I should definitely make an effort to get up early to get my homework done.

On my way home tonight I decided to stop and get a drink ($1.92) which I knew I really shouldn't spend money on anyway and was really second guessing it by the time I got to the window to pay. A boy that looked to be 3 or so years younger than me came up and said (with a smile) "I've got it, just pull up to the second window". I'm not sure if he was doing something nice or what, but I got my drink for free!!

Well, it's back to bed for me for a few hours! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Ideas for Christmas for fiance

November 14th, 2013 at 05:34 pm

We set our Christmas budget tonight and for each other we are spending $50. We never get eachother gifts, we always keep it really practical. My goal this year is to do several things for him under $50. Any ideas? ! I need some suggestions, please and thank you !

GradSave and Bonus/Raise

November 12th, 2013 at 07:54 am

Fiance got a raise of $0.52, plus a $200.00-something bonus last week!!

And sons gradsave account has been set up for less than a month and now has $50.00 from Grandma! He just turned 4 months old yesterday. It has already been very exciting watching him grow.. smiling, laughing, cooing, rolling over, eating some rice cereal.. I just love him!! :-)

November and December budget...Yikes!!!!!

November 4th, 2013 at 10:29 am

My ending balance in my checking account for last month, was $570.23 - would have been lower, but I haven't paid my CC's yet. My deposit from work was $1,426.77, for a total of $1,997.00 ($175.00 of this is from savings and is to fund retirement for next month, so I need $175.00 to be my ending balance). Here is my budget for this month and it is frightening:

Beginning balance = $1,997.00
Retirement - $660.00
Bills - $351.00
Pets - $35.00
College - $25.00
CC 1 - $246.96
CC 2 - $171.27
Babysitter - $50.00
Fuel - $120.00
Groceries - $100.00
Unexpected expenses, miscellaneous - $150.00

This leaves me with a balance of $87.77, but leaves me short $87.23 for retirement next month.

If my ending balance this month is $87.77, this is what my budget for next month will look like:

Income will be anywhere from $1,277.57 - $1,447.64 (as our business hours are only 7 hours/day, but we cannot work more than 40 hours/week)
Retirement - $825.00
Bills - $351.00
Fuel - $120.00
Groceries - $100.00
Babysitter - $80.00
College - $25.00
Unexpected expenses/miscellaneous - $150.00
I will be anywhere from -$285.66 to -$115.59 at the end of the year.

Ouch! Not looking forward to the next couple months!

Thank goodness I still have sick days left. We get 42 hours for sick days/year and I haven't used all of mine. If I don't use anymore I will get $300.00 for that at the end of the year. I'm relying on that money to replace the difference in my budget.