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2014 Goals

January 2nd, 2014 at 01:51 pm

2014 Goals

Monthly savings = $500.00/month: $6,000.00
Cash flow fiance’s shoulder surgery: $4,500.00
Cash flow fiance’s time off for surgery: $5,500.00
New roof: $2,000.00
Gutters: $1,500.00
Sons college savings: $715.00
Daughters college savings: $1,815.00
Sons personal savings: $315.66
Encourage daughter to do 2 chores every day she is with us
Have my three youngest siblings over for 1 chore/week
Get married!
Read a book to my son every other day
Read book to daughter every day we have her
Max out retirements
Graduate with my Associate's Degree!

College (mine and kids)

December 18th, 2013 at 09:45 pm

Me: Saw in our local paper yesterday that I graduated from Central Community College on December 5th. I was definitely not not aware of this! I called and I graduated with my diploma, but not with my actual degree. I guess that's something!

The kids: I looked at GradSave accounts today and my mom and step-dad contributed $100 to each child today!

Total contributed to daughter through GradSave: $115
Total contributed to son through GradSave: $165
Smile Smile

Car and College

December 17th, 2013 at 08:23 pm

This is going to be a quick post, but.....CAR IS PAID OFF!!!!! We have no loans on our vehicles and I received my title in the mail the other day! Woohoo!

It's a good feeling that if something were to happen to it, I wouldn't owe anything on it! :-)

And... I got my grades today for the two classes I took this semester and I passed!! Only three classes left! YEAH!

Change cashed in/Splurge

December 10th, 2013 at 09:28 am

I usually spend cash for as many things as I can. I save all of the change to pay daughter for her chores and then anything above that I put into my 6 month-old sons piggy bank(s). Well, his bank(s) were full so I deposited into my savings account that I don't really use and it earns a little bit of interest. The balance on that account is $65.66!

And then I splurged a little bit. I knew that Dave Ramsey was coming out with a new book that he and his daughter wrote, it comes out April, 2014. I saw on their facebook page that they were letting people pre-purchase it and then you get the Financial Peace Junior now and the book "Smart Money Smart Kids" in April. That was $35.00. So I'm waiting for Financial Peace Junior that we will use with our daughter. I probably didn't get much of a deal, but I was going back and forth on whether or not to purchase Financial Peace Junior because I really want it. So, I got it!

I have had a bit of a spending problem lately. Ugh! I think it's because it's end of the year/Christmas and I'm stressing out over getting my college classes done.

Being productive and college

December 4th, 2013 at 09:57 am

I am such a list girl and very goal oriented, it even drives me insane!
There has to be a list of things I need to get done around the house – or they won’t get done.
I have to write out a list of homework to get done – or it will just sit there and pile up, which I was very bad about this semester.
I have to write goals for work – or I’ll get distracted too easily.
And money – I have to have a goal for money – or I’ll find something to spend it on.
Neither of my parents were like this, so I’m not sure where I get it. I’m not usually one to be on top of things, but I really can be with a goal/to-do list. Today, I wrote myself a to-do list at work and it’s already halfway done – prepared a bunch of documents. Mainly need to do a little filing and lots of billing now. I think I’ll go ahead a write myself a to-do list for tonight.

I can’t wait until classes are over so that I can get back on top of house work!

Update on college: My advisor e-mailed me and said that they are going to offer two of the three classes that I still need. I have signed up – just need to find out what books I need! I absolutely cannot wait to be done!! I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’ll be done with school – although, I’m a procrastinator, I think I like taking classes and learning; or if it’s the fact that I’ll finally graduate, and have a degree and have something to show for my long 3 ½ years of working on an associate’s degree. Going to get it done before wedding after all!

Update on college and son

November 19th, 2013 at 10:41 pm

I would like to thank everyone for their input on my last post!

Gave son two tablets and after a little swaying, he is asleep and I got some homework done!!!! I have 24 days to turn in my homework and like 52 assignments left to do/turn in.. Ouch!

In regards to my college and graduating next semester, my advisor emailed me today and said "I'm sure we can find a way to work this out". She said that she'll talk to her supervisor and to give her a few days! I will follow up with her in a week or so if I don't hear anything before then.

Little bit of everything...

November 18th, 2013 at 11:09 pm

Our son has been awfully grumpy in the evenings lately. He normally goes to sleep pretty easy at night, but the last two nights have been a different story.. It's making it very difficult to get any homework done (I have a lot to do before the semester is over, which is December 13th). Guess I will be getting up at 5:00 a.m.

My college advisor told me that after this semester I have three classes to take and that one of those classes is offered every semester and the other two will only be offered Spring of 2014. I went to sign up for those classes when it came time to register and they are not being offered next semester. I am mad!! That would put graduation off a year (those classes are only offered Spring semester when they are offered). I'm trying to be nice because it is not my intention to get my advisor in trouble, but I do expect them to do whatever they can to help me graduate next Spring. UGH!!!!!

Anyway, the weekend was pretty productive. Fiance and I both got some laundry done (even some folding and putting away!), he cleaned the kitchen, and made supper Saturday, I made lunch Saturday and supper Sunday, got some shopping done, went to Church, went to his Grandma's place to have lunch with her on Sunday, watched our Huskers lose, and watched some football on Sunday also.. AND I got a little homework done.

While shopping this weekend, we had daughter look at some toys and show us things she would want for Christmas. While looking, she found a cheap book ($3.00) that she really wanted. Fiance asked me if we should just get it for her for that night. I told him no, and that we really need to quit just buying her things and have her purchase extra items that she wants with the money that she earns and gets to put in her "Spend" jar. We did that and she was pretty excited that she got to take her own money and purchase something. I think she felt like a big girl. When she got home and put the change back in her money jar I think she realized that there wasn't much there now, but she sure is proud of that book! We'll see what happens when she wants to purchase a more expensive item and has to take some time to earn and save up money.

Fiance is working overtime Monday - Thursday I guess to come up with his portion of the Christmas budget. Yuck! I guess if he can do that then I should definitely make an effort to get up early to get my homework done.

On my way home tonight I decided to stop and get a drink ($1.92) which I knew I really shouldn't spend money on anyway and was really second guessing it by the time I got to the window to pay. A boy that looked to be 3 or so years younger than me came up and said (with a smile) "I've got it, just pull up to the second window". I'm not sure if he was doing something nice or what, but I got my drink for free!!

Well, it's back to bed for me for a few hours! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

September 17th

September 18th, 2013 at 08:43 am

Yesterday was a pretty productive day. Son had his two month appointment and had to get three shots...poor baby! Fiance and I found out that we are actually going to be able to replace the roof for basically nothing - holding back $500.00 for unexpected expenses. I got a homework assignment turned in for one class and another assignment halfway done for my other college class! Also got some laundry washed and dried..which is the easy part.

My goals for tonight:
1. unload/load dishwasher
2. wash/dry laundry
3. get SOME laundry folded!!! (this is always my problem)
4. complete/turn in a homework assignment