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Losing income

January 15th, 2014 at 08:29 pm

I work for an attorney. He is county attorney of two counties and he also works at a private office with two other attorneys. I work at his private office. He told me today that he is going to be doing estates only and will be working out of one of his county offices so that he doesn't have any overhead expenses. He wants me to handle his estates, but that doesn't leave me with much of an income. I am wanting to stay working for him so that I can have that small income and basically work my own hours. I would also like to find another part time job that cover the rest of my income and be off by 2:30 every afternoon so that we can cut out daycare costs. I'm not sure that this is really realistic, but I guess this is my chance to try and find something that works more with the hours I want.

I'm a little excited to be able to be home with my son, but worried about income. UGH!!

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