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New goals!!

September 16th, 2013 at 02:36 pm

My fiance and I talked to our parents this weekend about what they wanted to contribute to the wedding. The wedding will be paid for! I will probably still hold back about $2,000.00 until we're sure that everything gets paid for.

Our new goals (I really have no idea how much things will cost. I'm just trying to get a ballpark idea and hopefully figuring too high):

1. Wedding (just in case) $500.00/$500.00
2. Shoulder surgery for fiance $0.00/$5,000.00
3. Income for time off during recovery $0.00/$20,000.00
4. Roof $500.00/$500.00 (my step-dad manages a roofing company where we live and can get us shingles for nothing and my biological father can help install it)
5. Siding $1,000.00/$7,000.00 (my step-dad also use to own his own business doing siding and roofing so he can help side our house)
6. Privacy fence $0.00/$5,000.00
7. Replace kitchen cupboards/cabinets $0.00/8,000.00
8. Finish basement (mainly wall under stairs and ceiling $0.00/$5,000.00
9. Family vehicle $0.00/$15,000.00

5 Responses to “New goals!!”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Do you have time frames on any of your goals?

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    You might start getting estimates for these goals, since you could be off one way or the other. Also, you might want to focus on only a few at a time. I've found that one or two goals at a time work for me the best.

  3. miz pat Says:

    Don't forget a thoughtfully planned out pre-nup!

  4. Nebraska girl Says:

    LuckyRobin - We have not set a time frame yet! The work outside will cost us $15,000.00 or less and we already have little bit saved. I think we could have the money to do the outside work in a year or less. BUT my fiance's shoulder has always bothered him, but evidently is getting worse. We aren't sure how long we can hold off on one or the other. I'm thinking one year to round up the money for outside work, but a year and a half to get the money for fiance's shoulder surgery.

    I will probably get a second job while he is recovering to try and recover some of his income.

    Creditcardfree - we will save for one thing at a time, we just aren't sure in what order we are going to do it yet.

    My fiance has always seemed to hate having actual goals so I was surprised when he agreed to talking about getting a plan put together. Thank goodness because I am a very goal oriented person and can really save if I know what it is I'm saving for!

  5. Looking Forward Says:

    So very jealous that you can get your roof done so cheap. Smile

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