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GradSave and Bonus/Raise

November 12th, 2013 at 07:54 am

Fiance got a raise of $0.52, plus a $200.00-something bonus last week!!

And sons gradsave account has been set up for less than a month and now has $50.00 from Grandma! He just turned 4 months old yesterday. It has already been very exciting watching him grow.. smiling, laughing, cooing, rolling over, eating some rice cereal.. I just love him!! :-)

2 Responses to “GradSave and Bonus/Raise”

  1. snafu Says:

    Gradsave is a terrific idea since any sum can be transferred in without fees. I'm hesitant about the 2nd part as a 529 as it has restrictions which can come back and bite you in 16-18 years. Do you get to invest accumulated sums in a Vanguard or similar no fee, low cost Mutual Fund? Sounds like you have a delightful baby with no problems...congratulations your delight flies off the page and we feel it.

    How have you decided to use Bonus sums?

  2. Nebraska girl Says:

    We aren't putting too much into the 529. We have other money going to mutual funds. The bonus will go towards shoulder surgery in January.

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